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Learn the Game

New to Golf, let’s get you in the game!

Our Lil Devil golf course is an ideal 9 hole course to practice on. You’ll need a few things to get started. Starting with a intro to golf lesson. Learn the basics so you can practise with confidence on the driving range and on the course.  

Essential Gear

You’ll need some clubs so that you can hit the green and some golf balls too. Renting a set of clubs is a good to place to start. A few more essentials to get the most out of your next round and feel comfortable while doing it. Check out this list of essential gear for a successful first time on the course, whatever the conditions.

  • Lessons


    Learn from our professionals. Whethering it's learning how the proper grib, your stance with each club, how to hit the ball or to refine your skills to add distance and precision. Lessons vary from private to group lessons. More Info Here
  • Golf Shoes

    Golf Shoes

    Golf shoes give you a little extra grip to keep you from sliding around during your golf swing.
  • Golf Balls

    Golf Balls

  • Rentals


    Rent some clubs from our pro shops. Golf club sets come in right or left handed and men or women styles.
  • Apparel


  • Hats


  • Gloves


    In golf you only wear one glove unless the weather is chilly. If you golf right handed you wear your glove on your left. Golf left handed then you wear your glove on your right. Make sure to try on different sizes to make sure it fits like a glove.